Tagung: Thinking Art. Figurations of Aesthetic Knowledge am 7. Mai 2010 in Wien

Current debates about forms and cultures of knowledge often center on the term "epistemology," which examines transmissible, theoretical knowledge in distinction from "practical" knowledge. For discussions of knowledge in the visual arts it is important to recognize that such a division fails to take into account precisely that interface that emerges as a specifically aesthetic form of knowledge between production and reception, artists and recipients. By exploring "figurations" of aesthetic knowledge, the conference thus seeks to underline the processual and dynamic nature of aesthetic experience and to counterbalance a dichotomy between theory and practice, thought and anti-thought, in search of terms to describe the specific "poetics" of aesthetic knowledge. The conference will pursue these questions by bringing together scholars of art history and cultural studies from universities, art academies and art criticism who have investigated forms of aesthetic knowledge, its transmission and theorization.

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